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Amazon prime number for amazon customer service contact is available for prime membership customers. who can interact with customer service team anytime.  The Amazon Prime offers an exclusive membership that gives its users the benefit of enjoying live streaming of videos, music, e books and lot more other services that one can easily access by getting this amazing membership.

The Amazon prime membership is no burden of anyone who is looking to pay lesser bucks for the same service. So if it’s a burden to pay 99 dollars for a year then you can easily shift/opt for 10.99 dollars membership. It is last for a month if you are only interested in live streaming of videos. After that you can change the plan from 10.99 dollars to 8.99 dollars per month. Call directly on amazon prime customer service phone number +1-805-703-2187 USA get instant support.

Amazon Phone Number

Amazon Phone Number: Amazon Phone Number is a way to contact customer service of Amazon to get instant help & solutions. You can find here all countries Amazon phone number. This site providing you all countries phone number of Amazon. These phone numbers are the best Amazon's phone number.

Amazon United States Phone Number
§  United States: +1-805-703-2187

Amazon United Kingdom Phone Number
§  United Kingdom: 08439031831

Amazon Australia Phone Number
§  Australia: 1902257899

Amazon China Phone Number
§  China: 400-810-5666

Amazon Canada Phone Number
§  Canada: 877-586-3230

Amazon Japan Phone Number
§  Japan: 1+800+511+2201

Amazon Singapore Phone Number
§  Singapore: +65-6722-0300

Amazon Italy Phone Number
§  Italy: 800 145 851

Amazon Spain Phone Number
§  Spain: +1 (866) 749-7538

Amazon Mexico Phone Number
§  Mexico: 01800 874 8725

Amazon Netherlands Phone Number
§  Netherlands: +31 70 205 7600

Amazon Germany Phone Number
§  Germany: 1-800-201-7575

Amazon Brazil Phone Number
§  Brazil: (206) 823-6075

Amazon India Phone Number
§  India: 022-30430101

This article will also provide you some information about the international Amazon Phone Number : +1-805-703-2187

Amazon Prime Membership Trial

In order to get a rough view of the membership a 30 day free trial membership is also accessible that too with two day free shipping. And if you are lucky enough you can get shipping within a single day, Sounds interesting right. But here’s something more you can get as a student.

If you have a valid .edu mail then you can access full benefits of the membership for the time period of 6 months. And after that you can subscribe for the membership for half a cost than others. And if you not satisfies with prime membership. You can find amazon prime customer service phone number and complaint for refund.

Amazon Customer Service & Support Phone number

The Amazon also offers Amazon Prime Support, an annually paid membership offering free two-day shipping in the United States. As well as discounted one-day shipping rates, which current users regard as the key reason for subscribing to the service. The Amazon Prime Customer Service has since opened to other countries and has also expanded to offer instant streaming. The selected movies and television shows through Amazon Instant Video and music. The average online expenditure of Amazon Prime members in the United States. And the amounts to 58 U.S. dollars per transaction, compared to 41 U.S. dollars of a non-Prime member.

The company also offers its own line of personal electronics, most importantly the Kindle electronics range. Originally offered as a basic e-reader, the Kindle has strongly influenced e-book sales. The current Kindle Fire tablet range has transformed into a line of devices. That also enable the consumption of media within the Amazon ecosystem. According to a survey of Prime households, Amazon Prime Video was the most popular value-added digital service, followed by music and e-book rentals.You Can see the Wikipedia of amazon Prime.

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Amazon Prime Service & Membership

The Amazon Prime Shipping

  • Free two day shipping on selected items that too in mentioned in contiguous U.S. and many other amazing benefits. For more information you can dial amazon prime customer service phone number for the benefits of Amazon membership.
  • Free delivery on the same day that too in limited ZIP code. For further information you can simply go to Amazon one day delivery page and order with prime membership.
  • Prime Pantry it is basically a membership where members can purchase and ship different kind of services. Such as groceries, pet care items and household items in many parts of the US. There is a nominal delivery charge of 5.99 dollars for shipping these items to your doorstep. But delivery in some areas of the USA such as Hawaii and Porto Rico is restricted.
  • Prime now in few of the cities you can get thousands of products within a single hour delivered to your door step. For example you need a soft drink then just go on prime now and order your drink. And it will appear to your doorstep within the next one hour. Big cities like Los angles and have also participated in this.

Amazon Prime Membership Savings

Deals and discounts, compliments of Amazon mom:

These have 20 percent off through prime subscription you can even save more as. You can get 15 percent off on baby registration. To get some more knowledge you can go to diaper subscription.

  • Prime early access is a kind of incentive which is given to the member. This gives your early access to the products which the non members will get after an hour or so. Even on the events for further information you can contact Amazon primary early access.
  • Get amazing deals on newly released games. Even on previous order and even after the two weeks after the release of the game. And even the games can be delivered to your doorstep free of cost on the day of delivery.
  • Kindle first this subscription gives its members a golden benefit of downloading free e books. For the first month from kindles first pick, For more details you can contact kindle first.
  • Enjoy saving unlimited number of content for children into their verified accounts. The members have to pay 2.99 dollars for the membership. And the non members have to pay 4.99 dollars for the membership.
  • Prime video helps you avail free streaming of videos and movies. If you are a member or on a trial you can still stream videos from all the major entertainment channels. For more information call Amazon prime customer service phone number.
  • Prime music helps availing free access to thousands of songs that too without any interruption for the members of Puerto Rico and Hawaii. For more information contact prime music through Amazon prime customer service phone number.
  • Prime photos in this you can save unlimited number of photos in your Amazon account. And drive and use them anytime you want to. For more information go on to prime photos.
  • Kindle owners library helps in increasing the accessibility in whole of the USA.
  • Video add on subscriptions you can get third party apps for saving all the videos at a single place. For more information contact video add on subscription.
  • Thursday night NFL games more than 9 gives will be hosted by Amazon prime in on Thursday. And this feature will be added in 2017 season.
Other Bonuses

Amazon elements help in reaching Amazon element products, Amazon has helped availed its everyday requirements.

Membership sharing this means that if two adults are living in a same house. So they can share their membership and increase their benefits from the membership.

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