Questions Related With Amazon Prime

What is Amazon prime?

It is basically is  paid subscription which goes for 100 dollars per year from 8.99 dollars per month in this membership the member can get different advantages from getting free one or two day delivery on most of the items.

What is Amazon prime phone number?

Amazon prime phone number is the tollfree number on which you can call anytime 24/7 and get support from the amazon customer support experts. we will guaranteed solve your problems.

How to Find Amazon Prime Customer Service Phone Number?

If you want to find out the amazon prime customer service phone number. Type on google & Bing and click on search button.

Why should I subscribe to Amazon Prime?

There are certain different reasons for which you can subscribe to Amazon prime membership.

Do I Get Exclusive Access to Some Items?

Yes Amazon started experimenting with their memberships as only certain games like FIFA 16 can be played by Prime members only. Earlier this year console of Nintendo were only available at Amazon Prime and the console was also available at Amazon prime but for the prime members only. This is how when Amazon becomes like Walmart.

Amazon also has over 4o million products to offer and these are only for the prime members and this is only for the prime members. The best part about this service is that all the products will be delivered for free within the period of 1-2 days that to for free and this is one big reason why people opt for Amazon Prime membership.

How much does Amazon Prime cost?

Amazon prime yearly membership comes for 99.99 dollars for a year and for those giving this much amount is a big asking then they should go the monthly membership which is for 10.99 dollars per month. This membership comes at a free trail of 15 days and for the students who have a registered edu.com mail this membership trail is for 6 months. Even after this trails ends the charges for students will be half the charge of the membership. Plus all the benefits of the membership will be availed.

Can I give Amazon Prime as a gift?

Yes Amazon prime membership can be gifted to anyone you want you just need to follow the instructions to know how can you gift the membership to any of your friend or family member. You just need to add that membership in there cart and then you will see in your cart that this is a gift. Then you will get to know that you have been gifted a Amazon prime membership.

What is Prime Day?

This day was basically started in the year 2015 where they celebrated their 20<sup>th</sup> anniversary and in 2017 they started giving some attractive offers with more than 100,000 impressive deals. In some areas you might find some helpful tricks that can better your experience in using this membership. This year New deals will be updated in 5 minutes.

What are Amazon Households?

Amazon household is basically a membership for family household who can enjoy the primary membership in behalf of the whole family. The whole family in this way will be able to stream live videos and movies get the benefit of two day free delivery option. For more information you can simply go on to Amazon households.

Which items get free two day shipping with Amazon prime?

Most of the items out there which have been sold by Amazon prime are eligible for free two day delivery but some items like treadmills and basketball hoops are shipped for free at any standards. Some of the third party sellers who are selling products on Amazon prime then that depends upon their choice that they have to charge for the shipping or not.

Which Kindle books are available to be Borrowed?

Amazon claims that there are more than 1 million books available on the kindle for the e readers. If you want to read some quality writing simply go to your kindle device. If the logo appears then you are been informed that your membership is to be revised again.


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